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RPO.AI will help you quickly fill roles that help you hire the team members you need across many departments.  Whether you need recruiters across all departments in HR/People or recruiters in specific departments like Sales, Marketing, Technology, Finance, or Product – RPO.AI will find great talent for you.

Augmented HR Services

HR / People Recruiters

Hire recruiters who know how to attract, screen, interview & hire candidates quickly for open positions.

Streamlined Recruitment Strategies

Sales Recruiters

Hire recruiters that know sales and can hire sales team members who can quickly close deals.

Augmented Hiring Process

Marketing Recruiters

Hire recruiters that can market to Marketers then screen, interview & hire the best.

Smart Recruitment Technology

Tech Recruiters

Hire tech recruiters who can win talent in this competitive market.

Outsourced Recruitment Specialists

Finance Recruiters

Hire recruiters who know finance and accounting  and can hire excellent team members to fill these roles.

Automated Recruitment Services

Product Recruiters

Hire recruiters for product to fill all positions  quickly & with great talent.

Augmented HR Services

Healthcare Recruiters

Hire recruiters who know the medical field and can quickly hire the right candidates.

Streamlined Recruitment Strategies

Manufacturing Recruiters

Hire recruiters that know industrial jobs and can hire manufacturing workers.

Augmented Hiring Process

High Volume Recruiters

Hire recruiters that can hire a lot of people quickly to fulfill large manpower needs.

Smart Recruitment Technology

Fractional Recruiters

Hire part-time recruiters who can fill in the gaps when you don’t need to hire a full-time person.

Outsourced Recruitment Specialists

Fractional Head of Talent

Hire an HR lead part-time that can lead recruitment strategy for your company.

Automated Recruitment Services

Sourcer / Talent Researcher

Hire expert Sourcers specialized in their field to research and engage diverse passive talent.

* Metrics like: 2 recruiters and 5 sourcers augmenting our internal HR team within a week.


Data, tools & guidance to meet your hiring quotas

Imagine… Every candidate qualified. Skilled teams everyone trusts. More people hired than fired. And department leaders confident they’ll build their products on time. Now imagine… feeling refreshed vs. overwhelmed. With technology, data, tools and expertise to achieve all that.