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Struggling to attract the right talent?

Missing goals because you can’t hire qualified candidates fast enough? Lack in-house skills, expertise & time to fill all those open positions? Are you wasting time screening & interviewing unqualified candidates? Do jobs go unfilled for months— instead of weeks? Or, don’t have the technology & data to find top talent?

You’re not alone. We see it all the time. And fix it all the time.

Never again hear…

We don’t have enough qualified people to interview.” Do you have too many open positions? We’ll help research, source, recruit and more. Everything you need, right up to onboarding.

AI-driven Candidate Selection

Solid Practices

Know how to quickly attract, screen, interview & hire candidates for open positions.

Automated Recruitment Services

Constant Flow

Have an always-filled pipeline of qualified candidates to quickly fill open positions.

Innovative Talent Sourcing

Qualified Talent

Appreciate a curated list of vetted candidates to screen, interview & hire from.

Innovative Talent Sourcing

Highly Regarded

Become a TA staff praised for finding & hiring the right candidates—when they‘re needed.

AI-driven HR Solutions

Data Driven

Access a set of useful metrics* to guide your recruiting & staffing functions. Make decisions based on data —not hunch.

Smart Recruitment Technology

Expert Guidance

A seasoned expert & set of tools to fill all positions in the company quickly & with great talent.

* Metrics like: Over 10k candidates sourced monthly, hundreds of introductions made, dozens of hires each month… you get the idea.

Stop struggling. Start hiring.

Ready to make good on the company vision by filling all those open roles? I bet your boss is. You’re just 3 steps away.

On-Demand Talent Acquisition

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Meet to learn more ∙ Identify your pains ∙ Determine your needs ∙ Receive a proposal

Skilled Contract Recruiters

Kickoff your search

Create your roadmap ∙ Run your recruiting operations ∙ Appreciate a pipeline of quality talent

Flexible Staffing Models

Build your team

Keep filling your open roles ∙ Everyone trusting TA ∙ Meeting your product & sales goals

Contract Recruitment Consultants

Rameet Singh

Founder of RPO.AI

Ready to improve your TA processes?

Why, you ask? Because too many companies experience…

Too many tools
that don’t work well together. Too many screenings that don’t pass 1st-round interviews. Too few candidates in the queue & too few places to look for new ones. Too many previous candidates that are worthy—but not re-targeted. And too few candidates to interview & make offers to.

Why does all that happen?

Because too few companies are using technology & data effectively to make TA easier, faster, better & more profitable.


We started this business to apply our experience in sourcing & recruiting. And to apply our mindset around AI, data & consulting.
The world changed with the pandemic. Remote work became essential, not optional. This opened up markets for talent—any-and-every where.

We help companies like yours find & attract that talent, worldwide—quickly, thoroughly & economically. 
Spend less time sourcing, more time recruiting talent. With a pipeline of candidates, 100% vetted. And doing interviews with only worthy applicants.

We know you & your staff would rather develop relationships, sell the company & extend offers to more-likely hires. And less time finding, sifting, analyzing, screening & scheduling.

We’ll fill up the early part of your funnel. You pull them out as-and-when needed to build great teams—that build great products.

More than researchers & recruiters… we’re a team of CTOs, software engineers, data architects & process experts.

Ready to focus on what you do best? And let us field the rest?
Contract Recruitment Consultants

Rameet Singh

Founder of RPO.AI


We don’t do everything-HR

We’re focused—on everything-TA


Data, tools & guidance to meet your hiring quotas

Imagine… Every candidate qualified. Skilled teams everyone trusts. More people hired than fired. And department leaders confident they’ll build their products on time. Now imagine… feeling refreshed vs. overwhelmed. With technology, data, tools and expertise to achieve all that.

AI-powered Hiring Process

AI Software & Automation

Not using technology & data to find great matches? Big mistake. But not anymore, we’ve got you.

Sourcing & Recruiting

Struggling to do this on your own? That’s why we’re here. To convert chaos to calm. And replace confusion with clarity.

Intelligent Staffing Solutions

Staff Augmentation

Want a smaller dose of us to carry you over the hump? We’ll help you define and perform targeted activities to find your people.